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1O1O takes your domestic lifestyle to new levels of sophistication

1O1O HOME1 is dedicated to transforming your home into a hassle-free living space. We deploy fibre broadband2 and 5G technologies3 to create a high-quality and comprehensive network that delivers entertainment and equips you with fingertip control of your smart home. What’s more, 1O1O’s Personal Assistant team is on call 24/7 to take care of your every need, while making sure you enjoy a convenient, efficient and enjoyable domestic lifestyle.

1O1O HOME is here to serve YOU.



Onsite technical consultation within 24 hours4

Priority onsite technical support for various home network, pay TV, and fixed-line telephone issues.


Dedicated home Wi-Fi consultation5

Dedicated representatives for onsite home Wi-Fi network design to propose an ideal home Wi-Fi solution according to the home environment and connectivity needs.

Cyber Security Service8
(FREE for first 3 months!)

(open to NETVIGATOR users)

Our Cyber Security Service grants you peace of mind by protecting your home NETVIGATOR broadband network from all kinds of cyber threats such as phishing, malware and botnets.


One-on-one mobile and Wi-Fi router consultation

Dedicated representatives for efficient, hassle-free mobile data transfer and storage defragmentation⁷ and router configuration.


24-Hour personal assistant6

Addressing the all-round lifestyle needs of customers, from booking restaurants in town and abroad to emergency home support and more.


24-Hour emergency motoring support hotline9

Assistance with different closed area permits and roadside support such as 24/7 emergency towing service, tyre replacement, jump-starts, and more.


24-Hour priority
service hotline

Dedicated representatives to address home connectivity issues.



Priority flagship handset and smart device pre-order

Be among the first to enjoy the latest flagship electronic devices.


Latest brand lifestyle experiences

Regular collaborations with internationally renowned brands to offer exclusive experiences such as tastings and exhibitions.

Dedicated festive offers

Specially curated festive offers, available for redemption at a special price by phone.


Contact Us

For any questions about 1O1O HOME, please feel free to visit any 1O1O Center, csl store, or io.t by HKT for inquiries.




  1. As a customer service brand and member of the HKT Group, 1O1O HOME is dedicated to providing select customers with a superior domestic lifestyle. Customer managers representing 1O1O HOME and The Club arrange for select customers to benefit from personalised and one-stop solutions designed to enhance their home networks and mobile communications experience. Designated broadband, 1O1O mobile communications and Now TV customers can avail themselves of a range of high-quality 1O1O HOME services. 1O1O HOME service shall be activated within 30 days of a service plan’s effective date and remains available to a customer during his/her service plan’s commitment period. Broadband, 1O1O mobile communications and Now TV are provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (“HKT”), Hong Kong Mobile Communications Limited and PCCW Media Limited (“Service Providers”)  respectively, subject to Terms & Conditions. Please refer to the following websites for details: NETVIGATOR:; 1O1O:; and Now TV’: Each service provider shall not be held responsible for services from other service providers and assumes no responsibility for the quality or performance of services provided by other service providers. Neither does a service provider guarantee that its service shall be continuous or free from fault. In the event of dispute, the Group reserves the right of final and binding determination. Please approach a customer manager representing 1O1O HOME or The Club.
  2. Bandwidth specifications refer to network specifications in respect of the network connected from a modem at a customer’s residence to the first piece of network equipment or machine room of the network concerned. Bandwidth specifications for the 2500M Fibre-to-the-Home broadband service plan include maximum download and upload bandwidth of 2.5Gbps. Actual speeds will be lower than network specifications suggest and will be affected by the customer’s equipment, technology, network and software usage, network assembly and coverage, usage volume, overseas bandwidth and external factors. A customer is required to use devices compatible with the 2500M speed specification.
  3. 5G service plans are based on use of 5G networks and applicable only to specified 5G network coverage areas. Customers must use specified compatible devices. Actual speeds experienced by customers will be less than the network specifications suggest and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other factors. Mobile communications are provided via 3G/4G technologies outside 5G network coverage.
  4. Actual appointment times in respect of onsite support service may vary depending on location and workload. Onsite support is applicable only to specified locations and designated HKT Group customers. For details, please approach a customer manager representing 1O1O HOME or The Club.
  5. Home Wi-Fi consultancy is subject to Terms & Conditions. Details available at: here.
  6. 1O1O Personal Assistant service is subject to Terms & Conditions. Details available at: here. Home Emergency Support is subject to Terms & Conditions. Details available at:
  7. Duration of mobile data transfer service may vary depending on phone model and volume of data. File format differences between new and old phone models give rise to the possibility of data not being completely transferred during the process. Mobile data transfer service is not applicable to phones that have been modified without authorisation (eg “jailbroken”). Customers are strongly advised to back-up all data and information on their phones before using mobile data transfer service.
  8. Applicable only to designated existing online customers. After three months of free use, Network Security Protection service will incur a charge at the prevailing monthly fee (for reference, the current monthly fee is HK$38). Automatic updates in respect of Network Security Protection service shall be forthcoming. If a customer does not agree to continue using the service after the free trial period, he/she must give notice of service cancellation at least seven days before the end of the free trial period. If a customer chooses to terminate Network Security Protection service after the trial period, he/she must give HKT at least 30 days’ notice. This service is subject to other Terms & Conditions. Details available at:
  9. Free privileges do not cover charges from third parties (such as towing and licence application fees).